Friday, May 6, 2011

Indie Horror

A lot of my friends like this site a lot. There are a number of reasons to do so. They have forums; a workshop of the week; a Book of the Month, which this month is "The Well," by Peter Labrow; you can review indie horror books; there is a  list of various markets and pay scales; link exchanges are available; and a whole bunch of other great things. There is even a section where you can get critiques. Lots of goodies for the horror fan. I see helpful facts and tips for Indies of all levels. Newbie or old-timer, check this site out! 

Bad Blaze! I just went back to this site and found more things to talk about. Many authors give great posts with fantastic tips! I read some of them and they are wonderful. Peter Labrow has a wonderful post here about intensity levels. His is just one of many. Advertising is available at very reasonable rates for your works of art. This is truly a free online convention! Check them out on Facebook as well. They have a great page there. 

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