Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ghostly Horror Fun

Today I went to the VA so they could remove vials of blood from my body. It's not exactly my favorite thing to do, but it is made interesting by the young ladies who work in the lab. They are quite into the vampire horror genre and enjoy other great tales of horror as well. There are posters, banners, and witty sayings up all over the place: Vampire on duty, among other things.

Today I brought in my hardback copy of the "Damned If You Don't" addiction anthology. I had been promising the girls that as soon as it was out, I would show them the book. Hmmn. Show turned into a read-fest. Three girls read my story "Shredded" while I was running around getting my stuff attended to. When I came back to retrieve my book, I was met with sad faces. Word had spread that Blaze had a story in this great tome and people wanted to read it. Even the patients had to get information as to where they could buy it, how much it cost, the whole kahuna. I wrote a lot of notes directing people to my blog so they could access the information. I mentioned Kindle and Smashwords as well. My book is sitting in the lab for other folks to read it. I'll drop by the end of the week to pick it up.

The patients don't have a lot of money, but when I mentioned the special going on at Smashwords, they jumped at it. I'm sure they will share on a single computer, but that's okay with me. Word will spread and I'm sure more sales will come out of this.

My little buddy Casper is at the top of this post because I have some ghosts in my story. My ghosts aren't happy, but the people there who love horror were very happy. They got to hold a book that Blaze had written a story for in their hands, and it made them happy. I'm almost a legend in the place for different reasons, but for them to love my work like this is very humbling.

So, my friends, it doesn't hurt for you to carry around a copy or two of your books. You will generate interest, and interest generates sales and friendship. 

Horror can make people happy. Patients with missing limbs were happy that one of them was there to share what he does. Some of these people won't be able to handle a computer to read that way, but they can still read paperbacks, and I talked the manager of the Barnes & Noble in town to find people who might like to donate Nooks to the patients. I'm happy to say, four Nooks have been donated so far. Amazing. 

This was a Blazing day!


  1. That's great :-) I stumbled on a link a while back - donating e-books for troops, but they don't have it set up yet for writer's to donate their actual story FOR the e-book download. They said they would get back to me on that. They're on my Like page if you want to check them out.

  2. Thank you, R.L. You are too kind. I will definitely check it out. Our troops need our support in many ways. This certainly sounds like a great one.

  3. That is fantastic! Both the book and the kindness on your part. I think reading unites us all, regardless of genre. And knowing the author is always nifty. Where do I get my kindle copy?


  4. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004VSZ9IA

    Check out Smashwords, too, if you wish. I think it's still on sale there for $2.99. Save some money if you can.

    Thank you for the kind words. We do what we can, don't we, Spot?

    Have a great day!