Monday, April 18, 2011

Mikel B. Classen And His New Story

Mikel B Classen
Just released today. M'Ganga's Curse by yours truly. More coming soon.
M'Ganga is an African witch doctor that is a master of the zombie powder. After being captured by slavers and shoved in the hold of a slave ship, he turns loose a curse so terrible, that horror and vengeance engulfs the ship. As he waits for a shackled warrior to die in the filthy bowels of the ship
This is the new promo for "M'Ganga's Curse" by Mikel Classen. Just last week he got feisty and I threatened to make soup out of him, and he has the nerve to write another great story and get a reprieve. My guess? He will continue to write these wonderful stories and I'll have to make soup out of someone else.


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