Friday, April 22, 2011

Marissa Farrar

Ramblings of an unkempt mind...

Marissa Farrar is doing a weekly Friday guest blog on her site, the link of which I have added above. This week the man in the hot seet is Peter Labrow who has come out with The Well. As you can see from the nice pictures, I have included Peter, Marissa, and the cover. Obviously, Peter is not as pretty as Marissa, but he's far from ugly. The cover of his novel is excellent. The interview is really great. Marissa asked all the right questions, and Peter answered them well. I am impressed. Check out Marissa's site for weekend giveaways: as in free.

Next week, Marissa will chat with carole Gill. I can hardly wait for that! 


  1. I agree with you, and with a face like that, shouldn't Marissa be using it as her profile shot?? Hello? ;) I was bugging her about this the other day because she's using some silly cartoon on her Blood Writes profile.
    And that's me being silly!
    Thanks for the tip on Marissa's site. I hadn't seen it yet.
    Take it easy,


  2. Good point, Jimmy! A cartoon might work for me, I would like to be Thor, but Marissa should be herself.

    I try to keep current with my buddies. She did a great job!