Saturday, April 23, 2011

Kathy Rowe

Kathy Rowe is a human dynamo. She is an NCO in the U.S.Air Force, a writer,book cover designer, and self-publisher of three novels with more to come. She retires from the A.F. in three months and will be a 
farmer/writer/cover designer/self-publisher/blogger and whatever else she digs up. Her blog link is above, as well as her picture and some covers-nice job on those, Kathy. You can find her on Smashwords, Amazon, her sites on facebook, and a few other places. 

Kathy's "Dragonslayers" series are military suspense/thrillers which depict the adventures of a small Special Forces unit. Being an old military guy, I can fully appreciate these great stories. "Cowboys And Olympians" is a romance. She has finished writing a tasty tale of Memphis horror and is working on edits for it.

Now we come to where I believe she truly shines: sci-fi. She is writing "Space Junk" now, and it is anything but junk. This is FANTASTIC! I love it! I told her that this is series material for sure. She thinks I'm filling her head with Blaze beans, but I'm not: this is great! Are you listening to me Kathy?!

Her blog is rolling along with advice on self-publishing, taken from her own experiences, highs and lows. Visit her at Sturgeon Creek. And don't forget to check out Smashwords and Amazon where you can purchase her great books.


  1. Luv ya Blaze! Thanks! My turn to Blog you soon!

  2. No problem, Kathy. I was more than glad to spotlight you and your great work. A lady of many talents. Tres cool. Keep up the great work!

  3. Thanks for posting, Blaze. It has been a great way to meet new people to follow.
    Hello, follower here.
    You both have a great Easter and a good week ahead.


  4. Kathy is a wonderful talented person in so many writing genres,in many other endeavors related to writing, and even farming. I wonder how she writes when she's riding on one of her horses-yes, she rides,too.

    Thank you for liking my showcasing of new talent, Jimmy. It's a real joy.