Monday, April 25, 2011

Jeremiah Coe's New Novella Is Out Today

Jeremiah Coe's novella "Vampire's Retribution," a story about blood death and a score usettled, is now available in Smashwords.
Vampires, a riverboat, and a bad attitude makes this tale of post-civil war transformation a delight to read. Guided by his maker, Gaius, Carl Tamell learns the ways of being a vampire until he is ready, ready for retribution on those that made his mortal life, a living hell.
Netbound is at it again with a new novella out today: Jeremiah Coe's "Vampire's Retribution."This looks like another great read from an up and coming house.If Mikel works any harder his beard will fall off. I will read this and return with a Blazing review!Yahoo!

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