Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Armand Rosamilia

Armand Rosamilia is an eclectic writer. The pictures on top are definitely zombie covers. The others go with his Metal Queen series. Diversity makes for an interesting writer. Armand takes his love for music and incorporates it into his short story "Obsessed With A Song," which is in the "Damned If You Don't" anthology. It makes for one damned good story.When I read it, I felt like I was the obsessed person. That's the sign of a great writer. 

Armand has one great section on Amazon that covers all his great books. This is really impressive. You must check this out.

Amazon's Complete Selection of Armand Rosamilia Books

His new blog is up and running. Pretty soon,he'll have all his goodies up there, spread out for the world to see.

I'm sitting here typing this up, thinking of all the great New Jersey horror writers. Armand, Joe Pinto, the Tromas, and even me. Yes, some of us have moved away, but what a wealth of horror within the state. I honestly feel that terrors from the past and present are lurking in the air, the soil, everywhere. I was at a horror convention in the nineties and the Tromas were discussing that very fact with me. The history goes back a long way. We write what we feel. Armand does.

For all of Armand's books, you can hit the following link. Did I mention he's an editor too? He is with these folks.

To find out that there's a heart of gold behind his monsters, go to Facebook and check out his pages. He's pretty active in the Masters Of Horror group. And, of course, his author's page/bio on Smashwords is almost a book in itself. Busy boy!

So, good people, and creepers in the dark, if you like great zombie fare, Armand has written quite a few tales for you to enjoy as you're listening for the sound of approaching beasties. C'mon, that's what you want, isn't it? You could always read about the metal queens, too. Choices. Such a wonderful thing.  

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