Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Marissa Farrar

Marissa Farrar is quite a busy lady. She has written a number of short stories as well as novels. Two of her novels, "Alone", and "The Dark Road", have been published by Vamplit. I read "Alone" and loved it, giving it a five star review. I have not read "The Dark Road" yet because it was free and I prefer to pay for great literature. Marissa can spin a good tale of horror! So, I will be reading "The Dark Road" soon. Her next novel, "The Followers" will be out in the near future.

Her short stories are in numerous anthologies and other venues. She is in the Masters Of Horror anthology "Damned If You Don't" with yours truly and many other fine writers. I am honored to share the tome with her. 

I have to laugh at the name of her blog: Ramblings Of An Unkempt Mind. Her mind is anything but unkempt. She possesses remarkable lucidity. Even though she told me once that her writing has been described as being written for women, I don't feel that's true. It's not "dude horror"-I stole that term from Carole Gill; thanks Carole-but men will enjoy her stories. I do.

Marissa's blog is on my list. Visit and enjoy what this young, talented lady has to offer.




  1. Sorry that I had yet to get over here and make any comments. I, too, loved Marissa's novel, "Alone". I bought her second novel, but have yet to find time to read it. I know that as soon as I sit down with "The Dark Road", I will just devour it whole.
    It's very cool that you featured her the way you did.
    Well done...


  2. Marissa is quite the lady and deserves more than my humble words can say about her. I'm certain that all her novels will reflect her talent.


  3. Shucks, guys, thanks so much for the comments.
    Jimmy, I just finished Dance on Fire and will be raving about it shortly!
    Blaze -- I look forward to reading your short in MOH and really appreciate all the support. be assured that it will always be reciprocated (excuse spelling)!
    M. X

  4. Marissa, you have two flaming guys admiring your great talents. Jimmy and I both have a rather dramatic entry into a room. So fitting for horror I would say, as are your excellent stories.