Wednesday, March 23, 2011

E. A. Irwin aka Patricia Matthews

Patricia writes some of the best horror/fantasy/mystery/poetry around. I hope I didn't leave anything out. She has many short stories and poems scattered about in magazines and anthologies all over the place. You can check all of them out on her blog which I have on my blogroll and on her website. That being said, I must come to the best, the very best, of this lady's writing: the Riley McCabe series. I have been privileged to have read these wonderful stories. What a fantastic adventure through time and place, melding so many diverse personas, all on a grandiose journey through the fortunate minds of the readers. I keep telling Patricia that Riley must come out and play: not should; must. 

I want everyone reading this to get a message to Patricia saying We want Riley! Shout it from the rooftops, the corners of busy streets, wherever there are people to hear. RILEY IS GREAT! RILEY MUST BE READ! WE WANT RILEY!


  1. Egads and Foresooth!

    Blaze, what a wonderful post you have created for my work, for me, and especially for dear Riley or should I say our dear Riley since you want her as badly on the page as me.

    It is indeed a privilege to know you through your writing as well as friendship. Thank you always for your honest opinion of my work and the reaction it has on the reader.

    I think I did hear a resounding shout the other day regarding Riley McCabe. Now I know from whence it came. You got it, my friend. Riley is on her way out to play and this time she is taking no prisoners.

    From one Celt to another; keep writing great stories, carrying a sword, and letting our kilts soar with the wind.

    Love you sweets,

    E. A. Irwin

  2. Thank God we will be seeing Riley! It has been a bit of time since I first had the pleasure to become acquainted with the lassie. I did let out a shout, and I will not stop.

    The privilege of friendship goes both ways. Friendship, and admiration for your great talents. And now, I am aware of your great painting ability as well. Wow!

    Thank you once more for allowing me to become a magical part of the world of your artistic wonders. How joyous for me!

  3. Okay, now I've got to find out about this Riley person! First of all, that's my oldest son's name... Seriously!


  4. You better get him a sword, Jimmy!