Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Carole Gill

Carole Gill is a transplanted New York City girl living in England. She writes amazing horror, and, are you ready for this?: she gets to walk her doggies on the moors. Oh, to die for, especially when the mists come rolling in. Watch out, Carole, the hell-hounds are roaming the moors searching for fresh meat. Walk faster!

She has the great knack for being able to write amazing short stories, many of which are in anthologies, as well as superb novels.  If you have not read "The House On Blackstone Moor", published by Vamplit, shame on you! Read it now. It is a great novel. Another wonderful facet of her talents is her great Sci-Fi stories. She is a master!

One other wonderful thing about this lady is her giving to the writing community. She has inspired me to do the same with my blog. We writers are a wonderful family. No one understands this better than Carole. I am proud to call her friend.

Read about this young lady in her blog "Bloody Good Vampires." 


  1. Very nice recognition of an up and coming star! I second your opinion on The House on Blackstone Moor and can't wait to read the sequel.

    I am proud to be among the family of writer's such as Carole, and now you, that so openly welcome writer's from all genres. Yes, the writer world is a wonderful family to be in, and only writers can understand that!

  2. Carole is quite the lady and a remarkable writer. Her sequel will be a must read. I still believe she should do a sci-fi novel as well as her tantalizing horror. Wishful thinking on my part.

    Yes, T.K., writers are a wonderful family. I'm drinking a cup of coffee right now from a Barnes & Noble mug which has numerous famous and diverse writers on it. Hey,that's us: a talented, eclectic family.

    Thank you for dropping in, T.K. I always have a pot of coffee ready.