Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Marissa Farrar

Marissa Farrar is quite a busy lady. She has written a number of short stories as well as novels. Two of her novels, "Alone", and "The Dark Road", have been published by Vamplit. I read "Alone" and loved it, giving it a five star review. I have not read "The Dark Road" yet because it was free and I prefer to pay for great literature. Marissa can spin a good tale of horror! So, I will be reading "The Dark Road" soon. Her next novel, "The Followers" will be out in the near future.

Her short stories are in numerous anthologies and other venues. She is in the Masters Of Horror anthology "Damned If You Don't" with yours truly and many other fine writers. I am honored to share the tome with her. 

I have to laugh at the name of her blog: Ramblings Of An Unkempt Mind. Her mind is anything but unkempt. She possesses remarkable lucidity. Even though she told me once that her writing has been described as being written for women, I don't feel that's true. It's not "dude horror"-I stole that term from Carole Gill; thanks Carole-but men will enjoy her stories. I do.

Marissa's blog is on my list. Visit and enjoy what this young, talented lady has to offer.



Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mikel B. Classen

Mikel B. Classen is quite an interesting man. Over the years he has written many tales adrift in numerous anthologies, books on Smashwords, books on Amazon, etc. He is now not only writing but jumping in with both feet into the publishing business. I recently read his short story "The Late Hero" on Smashwords and loved it. If you like ghosts, this is for you. Mikel is all over Facebook with his personal site, author sites, and book sites. Oh, did I forget to mention his Netbound Publishing site? Bad Blaze! Netbound will be publishing an anthology called "I Believe In Werewolves" shortly. There are many great writers included within its pages. I even have a story there. If you go to his site which is on my blogroll, you will see a man with a much darker beard than the one shown on Facebook. Obviously, some of the Lake Superior haunts he writes about have scared the crap out of him and put some gray in there. Search this great writer out and read his books. You will be glad you did.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

E. A. Irwin aka Patricia Matthews

Patricia writes some of the best horror/fantasy/mystery/poetry around. I hope I didn't leave anything out. She has many short stories and poems scattered about in magazines and anthologies all over the place. You can check all of them out on her blog which I have on my blogroll and on her website. That being said, I must come to the best, the very best, of this lady's writing: the Riley McCabe series. I have been privileged to have read these wonderful stories. What a fantastic adventure through time and place, melding so many diverse personas, all on a grandiose journey through the fortunate minds of the readers. I keep telling Patricia that Riley must come out and play: not should; must. 

I want everyone reading this to get a message to Patricia saying We want Riley! Shout it from the rooftops, the corners of busy streets, wherever there are people to hear. RILEY IS GREAT! RILEY MUST BE READ! WE WANT RILEY!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Carole Gill

Carole Gill is a transplanted New York City girl living in England. She writes amazing horror, and, are you ready for this?: she gets to walk her doggies on the moors. Oh, to die for, especially when the mists come rolling in. Watch out, Carole, the hell-hounds are roaming the moors searching for fresh meat. Walk faster!

She has the great knack for being able to write amazing short stories, many of which are in anthologies, as well as superb novels.  If you have not read "The House On Blackstone Moor", published by Vamplit, shame on you! Read it now. It is a great novel. Another wonderful facet of her talents is her great Sci-Fi stories. She is a master!

One other wonderful thing about this lady is her giving to the writing community. She has inspired me to do the same with my blog. We writers are a wonderful family. No one understands this better than Carole. I am proud to call her friend.

Read about this young lady in her blog "Bloody Good Vampires."